Amazing National Dog Day Australia Celebration & Activities 2019

National Dog Day Australia is celebrated in Australia on August 26th every year. “This day celebrates all our canine races and helps inform the public in recognizing the amount of dogs to be saved every year. This day also honors our family dogs and the canines who are selflessly working to save life and put their life on the line for us every day.


10 reasons why national dog day Australia will make your life better

national dog day australia

national dog day australia


Here’s 10 reasons why a dog will make your life so much better and why we should truly appreciate these amazing companions everyday.


They make you laugh, like all the time.

believe we can all agree on that, dogs are super goofy. When dog is around, there’s never dull or boring time. Even if they’re not there, we’ve likely been caught in the office or at school to watch funny dog videos and laugh out.


They lower stress.

think all of us can agree, dogs are super goofy. There is never dull or boring moment when dog is around. Even if they’re not there, we’ve probably been caught watching funny dog videos and laughing out in the office or at college.

dog comforts owner

Raises Immunity

Dogs may improve our longevity, according to research. Dogs behave as human probiotic, assisting us to create healthy colonies of bacteria that will enhance our immune systems. Who requires yogurt, please kiss more slobbery!

dog kisses baby, slobbery kisses, dog licks


Life savers

Your best furry friend can save your life as well, it’s said that the sense of smell of a dog is up to a million times better than that of a human. Canines are frequently known to warn individuals of fires, tsunamis and intruders.  But dogs have also been able to sniff out cancers or diabetes in many instances. My dog has a super sniffing ability, because a few blocks away he can smell a cheese stick.

Dog CPR funny, dog giving human CRP, dog saving life


Unconditional love

Dogs love us very much and they don’t worry about showing it. Whether it’s sloppy kisses, bear hugs or puppy dog eyes, feel loved every day. Because your dog loves you, life is worth living.

dog hugging human, dog hug, dog snuggle


They make you walk

Forget about Netflix and relax after work, you’ll get used to taking them for walks every day when you’ve got a dog. And it doesn’t even feel like a chore because dogs can create a lot of fun. They are excellent walking companions, and even if you fall behind, they will maintain motivating you.

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Keeps you social!

Whether you like it or not, individuals will primarily attempt to get opportunity to pat your fur ball with you. Most individuals are more likely to have discussion with you because when you have nice dog next to you, you seem more accessible. 

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They make us appreciate the simpler things in life!

My dog made me realize that in my life I really have all I want. I find peace watching my best canine friend sleep, I discover happiness giving him stomach rubs, and most of all I feel loved with all those sloppy kisses. I don’t need costly gadgets to be pleased because I just enjoy the easy stuff life provides with my dog by my side, including mother nature!


You are never late for work!

Even though when leave the house my dog hates, he also makes sure wake up early for job. Their timing is little off sometimes, but I’m sure they mean well.

dog alarm , dog waking human up


They are your best friend.

Although haven’t purchased bracelets for my dogs, they’re my best friends. They are the loyalest, most loving companions that one might ever want. They will never let you down, they will always keep your deepest dark secrets and, most importantly, they will make you smile even if you have very poor day.


national dog day australia

national dog day australia


national dog day australia

national dog day australia


In my house every day is a National Dog Day because one special day is not enough to celebrate my amazing companions.

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