Top 12 Amazing National Dog Day Activities August 26th 2019

The National Dog Week is on Monday, August 26 is the day To celebrate National Dog Day activities, there are lots of stuff you can do. Why one day celebrationMake it the weekend of the National DogRead on to see this list of the top 12 suggestions on how to celebrate dog day nationwide. We have also covered national dog day fun facts also.

Go on a walking tour of your city. Spend a day swimming and exploring a beach or lake. Go on a bike ride together. Run or jog together. Visit an off-leash dog park where your dog can romp with other dogs. 6. Make a puzzle for your dog to solve and much more on this world dog day activities.


Top 12 Activities to Celebrate National Dog Day August 26th 2019


national dog day activities

national dog day activities



1) Volunteer at a local shelter. Share your love of pets in your local shelter, cats and dogs alike. Shelters and pets in shelters would enjoy a hand for 1⁄2 hour, half a day or more.

Don’t feel intimidated because you are not an experienced dog person. On the other end of a leash, there are four paws and a tail waiting to go on a stroll, be rubbed on the head. You can pay back with a smile, sloppy kisses and more to spend time with a rescued dog.

Helpers are often valued for office job, laundry, dishes, housekeeping job, painting, unique activities, animal feeding, and many more significant duties if hand on is not your cup of kibble. You need to prepare yourself for difficult job, spend your time, and possibly cope with pets that are sick or abused before you do any voluntary job. Call, visit your website, or personally visit the shelter.

See what the atmosphere is like and see how the animals seem to be healthy and happy. If you still believe this is the correct location for you, ask to be a volunteer for an application. Most shelters will provide you with a form to complete, along with a list of fundamental rules. Don’t be afraid! Ask the employees if you have any concerns about voluntary work.


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national dog day activity

national dog day activity


2) Visit a National Park -Free Admission August 25 through 28

The last full week in August celebrates the National Park Service Birthday. Here is list of domestic parks that enable well-behaved pet animals to be regulated. Please contact the park laws and regulations you have in mind before you go to stand.

Here are Some of the Best Dog Friendly National Parks:

  • Acadia National Park. Maine
  • Cuyahoga Valley National Park. Cleavland OHio
  • Grand Canyon National Park. Northern Arizona
  • Great Sand Dunes National Park. Southern Colorado
  • Hot Springs National Park. Arkansas
  • Mammoth Cave National Park. Kentucky
  • Shenandoah National Park Virginia

3) Visit a small local dog parks. Some are unique, some are just friendly to dogs. It’s wonderful place to meet your dog with other canines like minded individuals. few award-winning dog parks are here.

Beau’s Dream Dog Park at Buchanan Park  Lancaster, Pa.

Fort Woof Dog Park at Gateway Park Fort Worth, Texas

Elm Creek Reserve Dog Park Maple Grove, Minn.

Fort DeSoto Paw Playground and Beach Tierra Verde, Fla.

Magnuson Dog Park Seattle

4) So you’re a city dweller. Hope is not lost.  Many parks will have parts of the park just for dogs in bigger towns. Here are just two instances of NYC dog operations. See Prospect Park Dog Beach or Water4Dogs for swimming with your dog. Check out this list of New York City Dog Hot spots as well. I’m sure there may be comparable offers in your town.


national dog day activity

national dog day activity


5) Go shopping together in a pet-friendly store Abercrombie and Fitch, Ross, Bath and Body Works, Lowes Home Depot, Pottery Barn, Nordstrom, Old Navy and much more make dogs well-behaved. You can visit most of the pet stores of Course. Visit pet shop where you can pick up treat from your dog.

6) Enjoy the simple pleasure of driving with the windows open or the top down

7) Make a doggie playdate with a friend’s dog.

8) Play in the sprinklers.

9) Eat on the patio at a dog-friendly restaurant. Start your search here.

10) Take a Trip to a Pet Friendly Hotel

11) Make Homemade Dog Treats

12) Play, run, or nap with your dog (or all three)


There are some more activities on international dog day 2019 which is shared below

  • Take your dog for a swim and a beer

Dogs, beaches and brews take place every last Friday of the month at the dog beach of Fort Lauderdale, by Sunrise and A1A and at the World Famous Parrot Lounge, just a few meters from the beach The party begins at the dog beach when owners let their pups run and swim free. Then individuals gather in the patio of the Parrot Lounge. Singer-songwriter Glenn Govot will be performing at Fort Lauderdale on Friday. The Everglades Angels Dog Rescue is going to raffle gift baskets, and a free drink involves a $5 donation to the organisation.


national dog day activity swimming

national dog day activity


The event is free at the Parrot Lounge, but permits are required for the dog beach. An annual permit for one dog costs $15 for Fort Lauderdale residents and $22.50 for non-residents. To purchase a permit, go to the Parks and Recreation Administration at 1350 W. Broward Boulevard on a weekday between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.

The event at the Parrot Lounge is free, but the dog beach requires licenses. For residents of Fort Lauderdale, an annual license for one dog costs $15 and for non-residents $22.50. Go to the Parks and Recreation Administration at 1350 W for purchasing a license. Broward Boulevard on a weekday between 8:30 a.m. And from 4:30 p.m.


  • Take your dog to yoga

For humans and pups, Yogi Brian Cohen and his two dogs, Lulu, a mutt, and TT, an American Eskimo, will lead a vinyasa all-level yoga class on Aug. 27. Dogs of all sizes can take part in the class and need not be fully trained, just non-aggressive and potty-trained. Cohen claims that his class of “Doga” is like yoga in an off-leash dog park.


national dog day activity yoga

national dog day activity


“Some dogs are running and playing, some remain with their owners,” tells Cohen. “We incorporate dogs in to the human poses in some cases.”

  • Take your dog paddling

Hobie Island Beach Park is one of the few beaches that allow dogs any day of the week at any time, as long as the pup is on a leash. SoSUP Key Biscayne, located on the sand before the Miami Seaquarium, rents paddleboards ($15-$25), kayaks($12-$25) and paddle boats ($15-$40), as well as beach chairs and umbrellas ($10-$50). Dogs of all sizes are allowed on the kayaks, boats and boards. As a plus, parking by the beach is free.


national dog day activity paddling

national dog day activity



  • Take your dog for ice cream

The pup deserves a treat after all this practice. Wilton Creamery provides ice cream, sugar and milk-free dog-friendly. The site has two flavors, vanilla coconut and butter peanut and banana. The latter also has carob, rather than chocolate, as one of the components.


national dog day activity ice cream

national dog day activity


The ice cream comes in solid-small bites shaped like core and stars for tiny dogs, so the little ones can take their time to chew. The ice cream is served creamy for the large ones to prevent brain freezing. The ice cream of Doggie costs $2.99.

  • Take you dog to happy hour

The W Miami will host a Yappy Hour on the 15th & Vine Kitchen and Bar terrace on August 26. If they are on a leash, dogs of all sizes are welcome. The standard happy hour of the 15th and Vine will be expanded for the occasion by an additional hour, running between 4 p.m. and 8 p.m., with drink packages including $5 wine, beer and cocktails. There are also bar bite specials and complimentary dog treatments on the menu.


national dog day activity happy hour

national dog day activity


  • Take your dog for dinner

The Lighthouse Point Nauti Dawg Marina Cafe features a complete K9 menu with spice-free baked meals and cut into bite size. Some products on the menu include an 8-ounce sandwich, a 6-ounce mahi-mahi and scramble eggs. All pieces on the K9 menu on Mondays are half-off.

national dog day activity dinner

national dog day activity

The cafe also has a happy hour between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m. Monday through Friday, featuring beverage and appetizer packages (this one is for people).


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